Transactions and Venture Capital

1. Transactions

Since the establishment of this legal firm we have accoumpanied a large number of sales of companies – on the side of the seller as well as the purchaser. We see ourselves as a highly spechialized team which combines the following competences and is therfore operating as a One-Stop-Shop within the sector of transactions:

Preparation of a Sale of Company:

  • Company planing
  • Company valuation
  • Advice during the selection of M & A-Mediator
  • Preparation and implementation of a due diligence test (legal, tax and financial)

Negotiation phase:

  • Leading negotiations regarding legal subjects and valuation queries
  • Drafting of the contractual documents (Share Purchase Agreement, SPA)
  • Fiscal configuration

2. Venture Capital

Since 1997 we have accompanied many dozens of venture capital financings. We know each and every facet of this business, be it financing negotiations, the exit or the ongoing support of a VC-financed company.

Our specialisation enables us to implement due diligence checks efficiently and risk-orientated. Due to our expertise within the corporation and tax law as well as in the field of the intellectual property law, we are in a position to identify risks resulting from reciprocal effect of said fields of law and which often are not known to many of the participants.

A particular added value being offered by us is the support of contractual negotiations during financing and exits. Many of our personal contacts within the VC-branch are a great advantage and of great assistance to us and our clients.

The JUVE-reference book for corporate law firms honours our experiences by our admittance into the circle of law firms recommended private equity and venture capital.