Tax Law

1. Ongoing tax consultations

This sector is seen by us as an integrated solution of ongoing tasks regarding tax, finance, labour law and the law covering social security, tasks which in part have to be accomplished interdisciplinarily and which do not require simple declaration support. We assist our clients during their international expansion. Furthermore, we support the German affiliates of international companies in the sector of international tax law and with regards to transfer pricing.

2. Consultation: development

Tax consultation incorporates the consultation regarding vc-agreements, the acquisition of corporations or equity holding, share-option programs, corporate actions, corporate re-structuring and conversions.

3. Consultation: tax avoidance

During the course of audits more and more often the increases of the capital stock, sales of corporations and shares, financial relations as well as shareholder relations are being seized upon. This, in part, leads to considerable additional tax burden for corporations as well as to the denial of fiscal acceptance of capital loss.

We lend our support during on-going tax audits and represent our clients vis-à-vis the tax authorities and the financial court. Our clients come into the benefit of our experience within the tax sector, our contractual experience as well as our in-depth comprehension and knowledge of the corporate and economic basis, gained over long years in this sector.